Matt grew up showing Angus, Simmental, and show steers as a member of the Oxford County 4-H Beef Club. As he got older, he began showing all over the United States and parts of Canada. Matt started purchasing and breeding cattle of his own. At the same time his fitting and showing expertise became desired, and in 2001 he started Pine Creek Show Cattle and Fitting Service. Success in the show ring earned him an honorable reputation in the cattle industry. He has since been invited to judge several cattle shows in the North East.
    Jade grew up in Chittenango, New York where she developed a love for farming. Surrounded by dairy and horse farms, her first job was working for Grey Rock Farm Horse Boarding and Riding Facility. Throughout high school and college she continually worked at local farms. Her last job before she moved to Maine was as assistant farm manager at Meadowood Farms in Cazenovia, New York. Jade worked at Meadowood Farms together with head farm manager, Bee Tolman, for almost seven years. Meadowood Farms specializes in breeding Registered Belted Galloway Beef cattle and dairy sheep.
    In 2007, Matt and Jade separately attended the Eastern States Exposition Belted Galloway show, or "The Big E," in Springfield, Mass. Jade was there with a show string from Meadowood Farms, while Matt was working for a client, fitting and showing their cattle. It was here that they initially met. After many visits back and forth, Jade decided to move to Maine in the summer of 2008, where she and Matt currently reside. 
    Together Matt and Jade are committed to raising excellent show and breeding stock. They continually provide professional and experienced help for their clients with all aspects of showing and show cattle management. 

    Pine Creek Show Cattle and Fitting Service is owned and operated by Matt Thurston and Jade Gianforte. It is located in Rumford Corner, Maine, in the Androscoggin River Valley of the Western Mountains. The 100+ acre farm is not only home to PCSC, but also Triple M Farm, which is owned by Glendon Thurston, Matt's father. 
   Matt, Jade, and Glen work closely together taking care of the combined herd. The two farms run between twenty and thirty Simmental brood cows and between six and ten Angus brood cows. Together they work with family members to complete farm tasks such as feeding, calving, herd health management, haying, cattle breaking, and attending shows. As with many small operations Matt, Jade, and Glen all work full time off the farm. Matt works for a local plumbing, heating, and oil company in Bethel. Jade is a Soil Conservation Technician for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Oxford County. Glen has worked as an electrician in the Rumford paper mill for over thirty years. 
From left to right- Glen, Jade, Matt, and Cattle Judge Clint Rusk
Jade & Matt at Eastern States Exposition 2009
Pine Creek Show Cattle
Rainbow Over Our Cattle Pasture
Glen Raking Hay